You will be very pleased to celebrate your special occasion at the restaurant because the banquet and solemn atmosphere will be brought to the attendees. Rest assured that an increase in the number of guests does not mean that space requirements or service quality will be limited.

Blue Butterfly is known for the quality of organizing important events as well as attentive customer service. The restaurant’s dishes are very diverse, easily meeting all requirements of all customers. The chefs at Blue Butterfly are always proud to bring fresh, flavorful dishes to diners.

Blue Butterfly will surely surprise you in a pleasant way when creating cozy, private and personal parties with you.
If you have any special requests, or suggestions on how to prepare food, we are happy to listen to your satisfaction.
When organizing a party or event at Blue Butterfly you will have three spaces to choose from: a quiet space in the garden, a cozy space in the dining room, or an open space on the terrace with a glass roof. Blue Butterfly can also deliver to your home or office.